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Scavenger Hunt

2022 HWS Photo Scavenger Hunt
Prize is a framed photo of Fort Peck Lake by Sean R. Heavey

2022 HWS Photo Scavenger Hunt
Prize is a framed photo of Fort Peck Lake by Sean R. Heavey

How to play:

Visit the attraction and take a photo of attraction with your phone or camera.
The photo of the attraction gives you one drawing entry. See all the sights and get six chances to win.
Scavenger hunt will run from Saturday March 19th through Thursday March 24th.
Drawing for the prize will be done at the Heavey Gallery Social Thursday evening.
Show your entries when you arrive Thursday night and you will be added to the drawing for the prize.

Salem Sue – World’s Largest Holstein Cow
New Salem, ND

GPS: 46.85338332041114, -101.42615716419282
Google Map Link

Visible for miles, you can’t miss the famous landmark of New Salem, ND. Salem Sue, the worlds largest
Holstein cow, stands 38 feet tall and was built in 1974 as a tribute to the area’s dairy industry. If you need
a stretch break, it’s just off the interstate and easy to access, so stop for a closer look. Drop some change
in the donation box at the entrance gate to help maintain this wonder for years to come.

Enchanted Highway – Geese in Flight
Gladstone, ND

GPS: 46.87871967183901, -102.56594621658758
Google Map Link

Located at the north entrance to famous Enchanted Highway. Geese in Flight is one of six extremely
large metal sculptures by scrap metal artist Gary Greff that depict aspects of the North Dakota

St. Marie Water Tower
St. Marie, MT

GPS: 48.40721115717197, -106.53963839812938
Google Map Link

St Marie is the site of the former Glasgow Air Force Base and is considered Montana’s premier Atomic
Age ghost city. Decommissioned in the mid 70’s, most of the town has fallen into the perfect setting for any modern horror/sci-fi movie. A few diehard residents still call the old base housing home and the Boeing Company purchased the main base hangers and the runway and use it for various testing and training purposes. The Boeing section is strictly off limits but a drive through the housing areas to find the water tower gives you the full “Atomic Zombie” experience.

Saint Marie Bonus Point – Old Merry Go Round

GPS: 48.40603143814502, -106.53169820453485

Installed during the original airbase build out in the 1950’s, this is the smoothest spinning Merry Go Round
in existence! A model of post war US Army engineering that still spins without a sound or wobble to this
day. Requires a bit of exploring to find, but the trip through the extra creepy abandon neighborhood makes it
worth it. Just be respectful of the area and tread at your own risk.

Peck’s Rex Dinosaur – Fort Peck Interpretive Center
Fort Peck, MT

GPS: 48.009986919590204, -106.42132042807266
Google Map Link

A life size, full skeleton cast of the terrifying Tyrannosaurus “Peck” Rex unearthed just 20 mile southeast
of Fort Peck. See remains of other Cretaceous Sea creatures that thankfully don’t live in the lake today.
Don’t think I would go out on the ice if creatures like them were swimming below.
Its also worth taking in the wonderful historic displays that showcase the building of Fort Peck Dam.
Authorized by President Roosevelt in 1933, the construction of Fort Peck Dam was a project of hope to a
nation in the midst of the Great Depression.

Middle of Nowhere Sign
Glasgow, MT

GPS: 48.194125400973576, -106.63770853034558
Google Map Link

Erected in 2018 after Glasgow was named the most isolated town in the contiguous United States. Not a
surprise to you after the butt-numbing drive to get here for this event. So take a selfie with the sign and
prove to your friends and family that you’ve really been to the “Middle of Nowhere”.

Read the Washington Post article that explains the how “Middle of Nowhere” came to be.